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Manta Gte Hatch 4 Sale


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I have owned this car since 1996 , it was my main transport up til 03 when I took it off the road to carry out repairs due to accident damage which for various reasons didn't get done . The car has remained in my garage gathering dust ever since and every year I say " im gonna sort that car out this year " and thats as far as it gets , anyway enough of my lazyness . The car is a 1987 model in Dolphin grey with sunroof the body is in good order rust wise , the damage is confined to the offside wing & door and I have replacements . It has had some upgrades over the years such as PMC exhaust , elec fan , spax suspension , twin pot calipers with drilled discs front and quad headlamp set up . If I had the time id sort it out myself as it would be an easy job for the right person as its not the usual rotten pear . I will upload some photo's soon , Im looking for around £1000 . The car is located in Essex and the buyer will require a trailer as there's no MOT . I look forward to answering any questions . http://s1293.beta.ph...akev11/library/ Some pics to have a look at , Ill get some more on soon now I know how to do it .

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Sorry mate I hav'nt been on 4 a while , I ve been waiting for the weather to improve to take some more pics then some tosser fly tipped a load of rubbish in front of my garage . Ill get some on soon , is there anything in particular you'd like too see ?

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