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Spray Mask


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Thanks kev was thinking of a air fed one but been looking at vidio's on utube for some tips and most the guy's use the first one.Will possible have to splash the cash for the air fed one.

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Andy i asked all the same questions not long ago :) ,

For an air fed mask you will also need : http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coalescer-Filter-Air-Fed-Mask-Coalescing-Filtration-Breathing-Safe-Air-/180889789999?pt=UK_Body_Shop_Supplies_Paint&hash=item2a1ddf262f

The coalescing filter goes inline between the compressor and your air supply to make it safe to breath compressed air

The first mask (Non air fed) is what i used for years + years to paint parts to whole cars , tractors , lorrys , sometimes @ Work!! :wacko:

still coughing up my guts ect , My breathing is shit these days , (I PUT THAT DOWN TO SPRAYING 2k) ,

(they say if you use one of these you must change the filters ever 15mins)

For your own health - Spend that bit more and get a decent mask ,

Think for a decent mask and filter i was around £250 all in , For your health that`s nothing ,

All the best


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