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Hello From Sweden!


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Hello everyone!
My name is Martin, I am 15 years old and living in Sweden!
I have liked Opel my whole life, and i have liked the Manta as much is i do today since I was about 9-10 years old.
I bought my first car just a couple of days before i turned 12! :D An white Opel Manta B Berlinetta -77 with only about 52000 miles on the meter B)


The plans for the Manta is to build a very good 400 Replica, and i have a lot of good bits for it now!

Beside for the Manta Berlinetta, i have owned a Manta GSi Exclusive-87, Manta GSi -85 and Astra TS200 16v Replica, the Mantas are torn apart and scrapped, and the Astra is sold as i bought it to use the engine in my Manta.

And for a couple of weeks ago, i bought an Ascona B with 400 body kit, 8jx15 split Compotives in front and 10jx15 in the back, 400 interior and genuine 400 wing :wub:


I will post more info about the Manta project and its progress in the project section of the forum.

And i will also post some pictures of my dads Ascona 400 Replica, if there is any interest? :)

Best regards


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