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Basic Help Needed


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Hey folks!


I have a beautiful 1986 opel manta hatch which is 80% perfect. However!

Firstly I am no car man at all. I know nothing about them what so ever.... It has been restored in the last few years to a fairly high standard by a Paul from here, but the paint job which although looks lovely and was only done 18 months ago or so, is starting to blister.

I know NOTHING about cars.... I paid 2.5k for it which I thought was a bargain (3k including transporting it from England to the arse end of Scotland) however the paint job quite simply was not done very well and has not lasted. Dont get me wrong, it still looks lovely, but this is only going to last another year or so and there are bubbles and rust starting to peek through.

I cant really afford to pay silly amounts of money to get a pro to do it. Whats my options here?

I realise if I leave it too long the work will cost more and more. I think?

The car is MAGIC - and still looks phenomenal You would only really notice the problems with close inspection.

I am probably your worst nightmare, a guy who owns a magic car but knows nothing about them,

My guess is that it needs taken back to basic then resprayed, which i think Paul did before, he just foobared the paint job slightly but did a great job otherwise.

What do I do? Sell it and buy another one or invest a silly amount to get it done which mean I will have spent 3k + Paint job etc??? (= 5 k car)

Not sure what to do basically - it is a lovely motor, engine is sweet as a nut and it is my fav toy. I'm no opel or car man though.

Why can a recent pain job expire so quick? I thought these things lasted for years?! :(

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