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Afternoon All


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Afternoon all, my name's Jamie and I thought it about time I popped in and said hello. (I've met a few of you at various shows over the last three years, mainly the Retro Rides Gathering)

I don't have a Manta (much as I'd dearly love one), but I do have a Mk1 facelift Carlton, so not exactly a million miles away anyway. Here's how it looks at the moment...

I've met the owner of the orange Manta a number of times, I'm sure he's on here somewhere...
I just agreed to buy the XE above, and I'm hoping to have it in the Carlton before the weather gets rubbish. The fact mine's a 1.8 means, as far as I can work out, the swap should be simpler than other , larger engined cars.
One question to you all, I realise this car is very, very similar to the 1.8 engined Manta B, but are parts like the lower arms and suspension bushes interchangeable? The bushes on mine have certainly seen better days and I want to fit something tougher and aftermarket, but the chances of finding a set for the Carlton are slim to non-existent. (I've had a brief look on eBay.de for Rekord E2 ones but have yet to see anything)
Anyway, hello all, glad to be on the forum.

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