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An Opel (Open) Invitation To Everyone From The Greek Opel-Club.gr!

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Dear fellow Opel freaks,

HELLO! My name is Dimitris and I come from Heraklion of Crete island, Greece! Some of you have already seen my posts about my 2 Asconas or the national meetings I have organized here in Greece.

As we all share the same madness and we all are happy seeing other people's projects, I am constantly trying to grab any chance into meeting people from other countries and exchanging photos/videos of our projects and stuff. Therefore, I would love to invite you to PRESENT YOUR PROJECTS TO US, to the Greek Opel fans!

Our club is -I want to believe- the biggest club in Greece for car enthusiasts as we have nearly 17.000 registered members in our forum from all over Greece (we exist for 9 years).

Our club is "generally" Opel, that means, old or new cars. Of course I am doing my best to attract all the RWD owners in my country by organizing national RWD meetings (sometimes with almost up to 100 cars).

So, I have created an INTERNATIONAL SECTION for English-speaking Opel fans from Abroad. Some people have presented their projects from Norway, others from Ireland, some from the States and it goes on. We are also about to officially create an Austrian Opel-club at the moment!

The international section is located here:


You can present your projects with your own thread in the SELF-PRESENTATION - WELCOME SECTION :)


1. On the lowest left part of your screen, the 2nd drop down menu is for changing the language. Change it to English!

2. Go here: http://www.opel-club.gr/vbulletin/register.php

3. Go through the process! :)

If you have ANY difficulties, just contact me either here, or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asconan

Looking forward to seeing your projects in our site!

All the best,


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