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Engine/gearbox Removal


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Think the way I'd go on that would be disconnect the wiring and plumbing on the engine and box as usual, then disconnect the brake flexis from the solid pipes, disconnect shocker top mounts, front ARB mounts, two nuts holding crossmember to chassis rail (one either side of the engine) and the two bolts that hold the rear end of the subframe to the swan necks. These can be a right pain to get out as I'm sure you know.

Next I'd take out a big grinder and cut pretty much the whole front of the car off as it's damaged anyway, lift what's left of the body off and roll the whole front subframe, engine and box out as one unit.

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hi I agree wth spiney norman, to save drivers side wing area? ,place 2 axle stands on chassis rails near front jacking points, drain oil out of gearbox, remove prop fixing bolts to axle, diconnect wiring loom, fuel lines plug wth 6mm bolt, remove gearbox support bracket and speedo cable ,and reverse switch wires ,using a 9 inch grinder cut exhaust pipe near gbox. cut through the front damaged parts to gain accsess to areas for removal.of parts.under neath remove the 2 bolts wish bones to chassis.remove all earth strap heating matrix radiator water pipes, .remove pitch bolts on steering linkage, top nuts on shocks, anti roll bar bolts to main brackets, , remove both brake pipes from inner wings , KEEP THE FRONT WHEELS ON ,either support engine with engine lift or cross member with trolley jack, remove the last 2 bolts the hold the cross member in place , lower unit , with enough clearance you should be able to roll the hole unit out off car, cheers steve

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