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New Panels


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 Some repair sections are available, like sills, jacking points and swan necks etc


 Big panels like bonnets and wings etc you have to ask around club members, but they are about though they may need seaking out.


 The other quastion is how much work can you do yourself / how much work are you prepared to undertake??


 All Manta's in theory are savable, just that some need a lot of time and skill, which if you have both then this is not a problem.


 A good Manta Coupe will be expensive but it could cost you more to restore one, fine if that is what you want to do / able to do.


 Your best solution is to buy well in the first place and if you do not know Manta's that well get a club member to view the Manta with you.


 I am near you and if you find a Manta nearby and i'm about i can have a look with you.

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