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r28 hydraulic clutch unusual problem ??


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my head is wrecked on this one lads

my car has an omega box fitted to it a .75 master cylinder on the pedal that is getting the full stroke where it is mounted 

the slave cylinder appears to be going out all the way when i press clutch 

it has a retropower spacer fitted to it also , it is a flat type flywheel on xe, standard calibra turbo plate disc and uprated pressure plate 

problem is , the clutch isnt releasing fullly when i presss the pedal , clucth is not stuck to flywheel , slave cylindeer is going out to the last ,has anyone had a similar problem?


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Hi there

Has this been a problem since it was fitted. I wonder if it could be that the release arm is bent or perhaps not sitting correctly. Only time I've experienced something similar to this is on cable clutches that aren't adjusted correctly. 



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