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Quad lights, please explain this one

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So a set of quad lights just sold on e-bay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252163647185 for £170 plus postage

Can someone explain how that happened, they were sealed beam units in the lamps that were sold untested and had some corrosion around the reflectors. So its possible that not a single lamp will work and you are going to have to buy all new lamps. Even if they do work sealed beam units are rubbish and put out about the same light as the interior bulb.

2 days ago a set of surrounds sold for £41 buy a new set of lamps to put in them for £50 and you have a better set of quads for half the price

Now i've seen people list stuff asking too much for items, but there were several people bidding these up to that price...............The world has gone mad :huh:


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