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Towing a Manta GTE


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Hello all.

I've never had to tow my Manta before but I will be moving it round to my lock up soon. I've noticed there is a a towing eye away down at the frame the steering rack sits on. Not really ideal since I'm using a straight bar. I've removed the front bumper and there is some frame work I could attach the bar to. I just wondered if anyone on here had any experience with towing their manta. I'd like to know the best way so I don't cause any damage.



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Know it's a bit late in the day and time frame 

Had my manta towed many moons ago when it was my daily drive and died due to a fuel relay failure  The AA towed it using a fixed tow bar attached to the front tow eye. 

No problems at all. 

Hope this helps 

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