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Diff bearings


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Look for some info on where to purchase  diff bearings for manta a. 

Have got outer half shaft ones so need all the rest. Axle whine is gone bad so presuming that will sort it. Axle was lying up for a while. Can anyone recommend anyone they have purchased off. 

Cheers anthony.  

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Hey Anthony

If you can get a part number you will find it much easier to track one down. You will need the crush washer and a bloody bit torque wrench! as they have to be done up pretty tight to get the crush washer (well crushed!) did mine a while back and here is a pdf from the workshop manual with all the info.



try http://www.vauxhall-car-parts.co.uk/ they might be able to help or if your lucky and have a good Vauxhall they should be able to get the part number and you might find someone doing it, Germany is quite good for some hard to find bits.

These guys have it but its not cheap as its the complete axel kit, not sure if they just do the bearing and crush washer, try dropping them an email



or you could see if Thomas at http://www.edelschmiede.com/ has as he does loads of bits. Not looked on his site for a while or i would want to order loads of bits! he's very helpful.


Hope some of this helps. Also some other links on my A series blog






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Thanks lads for replying. I've stripped diff and got part numbers . I've mailed it to a few and one crowd has a full kit for it.  There called auto gear ltd. In London. 

Its expensive but it needs to be done  

So thanks again for replies. 

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