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I've bought a 2.4 Frontera engine for my cav a was looking for advice on building it I'm not wanting to run fuel injection what would be good set up for it carbs wise also I've heard a bottom end rebuild is a must where can I get pistons etc any other information you may have would be appreciated I'm trying to get all the parts together before I start 

cheers Chris 

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Hey Chris

There are a lot of discussions on the + and - side of the 2.4 on here already if you do a search.

Some links on my blog for bearings and rings etc.. 


and these guys are good for engine parts.




I think you will find the pistons are going to be expensive as they are quite hard to get for the 2.4 and any high milage 2.4 will need the pistons changing as they scuff the skirts. To run carbs you will need a different manifold for the 2.4 as the 2.0L won't fit as the inlets are higher, you will also need an adaptor for the thermostat housing as the are different on the 2.4

http://www.risse-motorsport.de/ have them.

All the bits are quite easy to find but its not going to be a cheap build!!

You will also probably need the monza flywheel and uprated clutch.

I think the 2.0L would be the cheaper option, even if you did have it bored out and the head flowed as you can easily get bits for those.

I hope some of this helps and im sure some others will jump on this thread with some advice as well.


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