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Irmsher N/S or O/S Quad lamps and adjusters

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I have a set of Irmsher quad lamp surrounds coming but they have no adjusters or lamp mounts. I am looking for Irmsher quad headlamps and adjusters for the N/S. I have sourced the O/S adjusters and lamp mounts. 

If you just have the irmsher N/S or O/S headlamp holders and adjusters (I'm sure they would be the same swapped over) with or without the headlamps or surround I am still interested as I can get the headlamps separately.

If you have a set of irmsher O/S and N/S lamp holders and adjusters and don't want to sell them separately, I'm still interested!

If you have a complete N/S or O/S Irmsher quad headlamp unit with headlamps and surround, I am interested. as I'm sure I can strip the adjusters and lamp holders from it.


Thank you


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