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Swan neck repair


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Hi guys,ive not been on here a while but ive got round to working on my car again,I'm about to start on replacing the swan necks on my mk1 cavalier. Firstly I was wondering is it okay to cut out the chassis rail with engine and box still in the car? Obviously I'd support the car and engine etc as best i can and hope nothing moves! Or am i better of taking engine and box out?? I've bn looking at threads on here and I think everyone I've seen has pretty much a bare shell when doing chassis repairs. I'm also cleaning up front suspension components,wishbone etc are there any recommendations as to what paint to use to prevent rusting. Any input is welcomed guys! Thanks 👍

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If you are planning on keeping it and have fun, your better doing it the long way.

Engine out, drop it on the front suspension intact. You could get it sand, media blaster, or look at bilt hamber products, paint, some use hammerite etc, ive used two pack primer and 2pack black, no problems 12 yrs later. 

Take it you have the chassis leg repair section. You will need your front suspension back in without engine to keep the leg in line, before welding


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