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Gearbox type 9 2.8 v6


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Hello, I am looking for a type 9 gearbox for Ford Capri 2.8i V6 as they have the best ratios according to the experts, but my question is if the Ford Granada 2.8i, its Type 9 gearbox has the same measurements and the same ratios as the of the ford capri.
I know that the best of all is the getrag 265 but my budget is not that high at the moment.
Thank you very much for your help

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Be cautious of a type 9, they are only marginally stronger than a Getrag240.

They do have better support for replacement internals to make them stronger, but you will expect to pay a lot for such a gearbox.

what engine do you intend to mate it to?

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A good option might be adapter plate and RX8 5speed box, or bmw ZF (with adapter).

I spent a good deal of time researching gearboxes for aSaab b234 lump that will be using in one of projects I have, and will be using Rx8 5speeds as they are pretty cheap, plentiful and seem half decent ratios. Stronger of them all is a bmw 330d box and adapter, if you can’t find a 260/265.

Last thing, It should be an R28 box for a turbo lump btw, not r25. 

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To fit both T9, RX8 or bmw box you will need an adapter plate anyway (bell housing is available for XE to T9).

The Redtop, V6 and Saab B204,205,234,235 etc all have same GM Bell housing bolt pattern.

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18 minutes ago, Jessopia74 said:

Para adaptarse a la caja T9, RX8 o bmw, necesitará una placa adaptadora de todos modos (la carcasa de la campana está disponible para XE a T9).

El Redtop, V6 y Saab B204,205,234,235, etc., todos tienen el mismo patrón de pernos de la carcasa GM Bell.

I already saw the gearboxes of the rx8 and they are not expensive, which one do you recommend that the 5 or 6 speed motor is better for my engine, some model in particular.
thank you very much for the information it helps me a lot

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Hace 58 minutos, Jessopia74 dijo:

La velocidad 5 es más fuerte.

Well thank you very much because I was already looking at the 6-speed gearbox.
that of the 192hp model then.
Thank you very much again for your help. I really don't know what I would do without this forum.

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