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Getrag 240 Wanted!


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I recently put up a post regarding an Input Shaft Bearing Failure in my Current 5 Speed as i’ve just converted my Mk1 Cavalier to the whole Drivetrain of an Exclusive GT/E. I also just now put this on the Parts For Sale rather than Parts Wanted which was incredibly stupid…

My Local Getrag Specialist isn’t taking on anymore work till the 10-11th of September. 

My Question is, does anybody have a known working with no Faults Getrag 5 Speed i can purchase, 2 is better than one and my Cavalier can still be kept Roadworthy in the meantime. I am Still yet to road-test the car as i’ve just finished the Conversion but upon start-up it sounds like it’s straight-cut all throughout the gears…. 

If so i’d be keen to sort something out if possible? I’m not sure how much these Gearboxes Go for as i purchased mine as a complete Package i.e Engine / Axle / Dash Etc.


I’m Located in Nottinghamshire so i’m okay to travel, just not too far for instance 250 Miles one way haha!


Many Thanks,


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Known good 2.0 getrag 240's fetch around £350

1.8 versions £600

Unknown condition,  random gearboxes downwards from there

Ive a box in my current 2.0 gte breaker which still needs assessment, may be able to help

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