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Opel 4 Speed Manual Gearbox + Ancillaries For Sale


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Hello All, I'm clearing out a lot of my parts collection I have accumulated over time. I've recently converted my 16S Cavalier and Running Gear to that of a 20E and Respective Running Gear.
To that end I'll be breaking down Parts I have available to aid in locating what you want.

This Opel 4 Speed Manual Gearbox came as Standard with my 1977 Vauxhall Cavalier. I’ve always been presented with a small issue as such with the Gearbox and also Previous Owners have too. 
(Not in My Ownership) The Gearbox (Advice Note) Was Sent off to be Re-Built after Concerns of Whining in 1st and 2nd Gear. 
Admittedly the Gearbox Must’ve Been sorted as i never encountered any whining as such and noted a Green Mark of Paint which i Presume was left by the Re-Build Specialist as a Marker as Found on Re-Built Gearbox’s.
The Only 2 issue’s (Reflected in Price) that is Present is the Input Shaft Seal is Weeping Oil, Not Excessively but enough to leave marks on the Drive-Way. The SECOND ISSUE is on Removal of the Unit and Subsequent Draining of the Sump i found what seems to be a dislodged Spring as Such (No Clue What Part This Is) so to that end i do not want to Guarantee the Gearbox is Operable. 

The Gearbox Can / Will Be (Buyers Discretion) Sold with the Respective Bell Housing / Clutch Fork / Clutch Release Bearing / Gear-Stick / Mounts / Tunnel Gaiter.

Price - Personally I'm Unsure but as i can’t Guarantee it’s worthy of Installing Without a Re-Build i’m Happy to let the Box and Bell Housing go for around the £100-120 Mark, If all the Ancillaries are required i can do £160 All In. Or i can Do Individual Prices if Buyer Wishes.

Location - Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG19  I am Unsure how to work Postage with an Item of a Certain Size so would Prefer Collection.
Payment - Cash or Bank Transfer, Not Fussed 

Many Thanks,


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If you have a Haynes manual, the breakdown of parts for these gearboxes if in there. I remember that spring from when I rebuilt this box I had free a few years back. They are fairly simple to rebuild but not overly valuable. Folk tend to pull the 4 spd out and favour the 5 spd getrag. IMG_8494.thumb.jpeg.b5ea0f4f1f8f909244af483447a8b036.jpeg

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