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Opel Manta Rally Car


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Opel Manta 2.0. 1987


Tax and MOT expired

Location:  Formby, Merseyside, L37 4DL

This car has been a rally car almost all its life.
It is fitted with a 2.0 Ford Pinto and 5 speed box. Possibly a type 9. 
It's a decent enough thing and would make an excellent Road Rally, Targa car or Track car.
It starts, it drives, it stops. It's been great on track days but it's got to go as I've more projects than Car SOS, but I'm on my own not with a hidden crew of 50 mechanics !! 
If asked to describe it, I'd say it was scruffy inside. A couple of weeks work would have it sorted. It's things like, flapping wires, fuel line needs changing, alternator likes to sing a tune, could do with a remote servo fitting if you've got ballet dancers feet. Boot interior needs painting, looks a bit like its been artexed. 
Few spares with it, including 7 rims.
Can deliver, if paid for first, for fuel cost. 
Heres the NO's...
Will it pass an MOT today              No
Can you do all the work for free    No
Are the seats and belts in date     No
Does it has an MSUK log book      No
Will you swap it for a moped         No
Can I bring it back when the wife finds out I've spent the rent money on it                                                    No
Can I p/x the wife for it.    Photo req. 
Otherwise give me call or come and see it. 
Advertised elsewhere -this classified may be removed if it sells on a well-known auction site

Further info on the car:


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