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Engine swap options for Manta B


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My engine is knocking (i didnt even know when i bought the car, it wasnt in working condition). Its a 2.0 8v with a varajet 2 carb, 4 speed. 


My dad has a freshly rebuilt 2.0 in his manta that im driving so i really dont want to rebuild my engine because i wont be able to cross the 140hp mark without alot of money.


Ive been searching for c20let but they are so rare here, a couple of them pop up but have been run into the ground.

What are the part costs for them?

What is the top price i should pay for one? 


A z20let/leh would cost around 1500 euros with all the wiring, is it a viable option, what if i find a c20let for the same price?

Last option is the z18xe from an astra g. I had one and its a tank of an engine, pretty cheap too. Why dont more people use them? Are they a viable option, there should be alot of them on the market. Found one that has 100K kms on it for 300 euros. 


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There are posts on let and even a Z conversion, but they are in sections you can’t view unless you join the club. 
Is your engine an 20SEH? 

You can turbo a redtop (c20xe) with the c20let parts, like aftermarket manifold, T25 etc etc if you want to invest and a c20xe is easier for you to find?  To convert the block, you will need to mod the block a little for the turbo return.

Have a read of this thread https://www.migweb.co.uk/threads/engine-conversion-c20xe-to-turbo.25520/




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All c20 engines here are worn out and half breathing. Ill check c20xe in Germany for import. Guessing theyre my best option. Better engines than z20s? 

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If a c20xe worn out, why not rebuild one? They are by far the easiest engine to fit, but factor in buying the correct clutch, flywheel, exhaust manifold and other little bits involved in turning it 90degrees. 

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