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Missing my baby


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I just thought I'd share some pics of my car the last time I saw it 3 months ago. Due to family commitments I'm not able to spend the time on the her I want and she needed A post repairs, both front footwells and jacking points and front chassis leg repairs.

Now this has been done along with a rear wheelarch and rear quarter panel repairs and some unexpected corrosion in the floorpans. I'm just waiting for the nod to bring her back home so I can continue with overhauling the front subframe, rear suspension, 2.4 transplant (with supercharger) and a complete respray. I'm getting my other project out of my garage (rover P5b) and into a lockup so I can do the work in the 'comfort' of my garage with a pit and light.. Winter is on its way.

She was only supposed to be gone 2 weeks!


Looking sad


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Well I got her back about a month or so ago and looked a bit like this on her return.


Whilst she was away she had a chassis leg repaired, the n/side A post completely replaced (superb job)jacking points replaced, large ares of floor replaced, lots of sandblasting (done by me[:D])and one wheelarch replaced. Unfortunately she has been sat in a rented lockup as I've got this here at the house blocking my drive.....



This a spares car for a Rover P5 convertible project I'm doing. To keep costs down of having a convertible roof made from scratch, I thought I'd have a removable hard top until finances improve.

As soon as the spares car is gone I can swap the convertible out of the garage and the manta back in its place for all the dirty underside stuff and replacement engine, blower etc etc...

Why won't it STOP raining ??!!! [:(!][:(!]

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mate... hard top is the best way!! i don't think i could trust a piece of vinyl to stop my car getting pinched...

rover looks good! when I eventually get the manta finished... (hopefuly will be done in the not too distant future... well body work and respray!) i'd like to do something like that.... something so old school that you really would never see one on the road!!!


OMOC North East Rep - Kinda....

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