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Why I did wiring stage 1


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When I got 16v shed and went driving round I used to get through about 3 fuses per trip and on the odd ocasion smoke would apear from under the dash cant think why.....




So me and my old man set to with a multimeter a few connectors and a pair of wire snippers......



For some perculiar reson no more smoke was seen from the dash and I havnt blown a fuse since[;)]

Why oh why dont people do a job right first time round.[?][?]

So since then done stage 2 of wiring clean up so if any one needs some old wire.........

Rear Drive is the only way forward!

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Whats wrong with that, looks the same as most cars I have owned...I like the way you fixed it by stuffing it all up behind the fusebox...[:D][:D][:D]

I tend to find removing the gold pedals stops the smoke too..[:D][:D][:D]


OMOC 5924


1980 Black Berlinetta Coupe

1980 Red Mk1 Cavalier

1981 Ascona On the way soon

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