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A recent project

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This is a project i've been working on for the last year. She's a GT running a CIH Turbo motor, with Getrag 5speed box. The interior has been fully retrimmed with retrimmed Recaros, she has highly polished ATS Cups, a Lenk exhaust, new chrome work and she's just about to have a stereo installation (Blaupunkt CD player, electrical ariel) and electric windows.

She goes for a final tune up and polish this week, i'll then be fitting new badges and a pair of CHROMED Englemanns and i'll then be delivering her to her new owner next weekend.

What you think?.........and anyone want a GT building to spec?




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Absolutely gorgous! Always had a soft spot for the GT, with those drop dead lines, rocket rear lights and pop ups at the front.

Shame they were only available in left hand drive though!

So how much is this little beauty going to cost then?

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Cheers for the comments guys. When the new owner came to see her yesterday all he kept saying was, 'Wow'. Thankfully after a few minutes he also added that he exceeded all his expectations and so this left me feeling pretty happy.

It's not a full time business as such, but as i've been involved in GT's for 20yrs+ it's a car i've come to know pretty well. I also have a few of them put aside as future 'builds' and will be looking to start the next one soon. In addition to that i also do a bit of trading, primarily modern German and classics.

As for the cost, well i'm sure you'll appreciate that it's private transaction, but as this is the only Turbo CIH GT in the Uk, the owner is really happy with the price paid

BTW......if you want one converting to RHD, then no problem, but obviously it's going to cost a little more

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