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Hello again


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Hi Fellas.

I'm always lurking around somewhere Steve as well you know!

I was on the way to Billing when the carb diaphragm failed in the Chevette so I ended up being recovered home at about 2 in the morning.

I now carry spares! Why Mr Triumph designed strombergs in the first place I'll never know.

I'll be sticking a single HS 6 su on it shortly for reliabillity, I'm in the process of modifying the inlet manifold on the Viva (as it's the same) to get it working on that first.

The Viva I dropped on locally, and is a rare 1300 GLS estate, so is basically Magnum spec with the 1256cc donk.

It had slight accident damage at the front, so as I managed to pick up a magard type droop snoot for much cheapness of evilbay, will be built as a sort of Sportshatch replica...

Soph managed to destroy the Dolomite, so I took out the engine as I'd just rebuilt it and am sticking it into a Spitfire for her.

The Chevette is a very green 4 door saloon and is a fantastic little car in every way. I was bored one afternoon and replaced the shocks and springs with some Manta GT/E parts I had in stock, slotted on a set of E21 BMW alloys and she looks suprisingly good! I now want to drop a 2.0 CIH under the bonnet, so if anyone has a spare knocking about?!

I still have the manta and when I can get into the workshop I'll be doing some welding to the inner wings and probably replacing the chassis leg on the nearside as it starting to show signs of corrosion, as are the rear arches...

I really could have done with a summer this year to catch up on projects, but I ended up having some mesh sewn inside to repair a hernia the week it wasn't raining and missed it!

All this and I have started with my mate in Birmingham rebuilding spitfire/midget engines to earn a bit of pocket money.

I have eight years to retirement then I'll open a little workshop, just to work on my old bangers!

So there we are, in a nut shell I'm still as potty as I always was, with little time and far too much to do!

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