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D848 NWF - My manta's history

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This may well be a stab in the dark,but,my manta came with zero history except its current m.o.t.

Its currently showing 72,000 miles and I'd like to find out its history if possible.Its a 1986 silver GTE registration D848NWF.If anyone out there can help provide any info on this car I would appreciate it.

Like I said a stab in the the dark but,you don't ask you don't get!

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Had a look at the RAC vehicle data check site for your reg which brought up the following info-

Manufacturer Opel


Body type 3 door hatchback

Colour Grey

Fuel type Petrol

Date manufactured 31 December 1986

Number of previous owners 6

Last owner change 01 December 2003

But you probably know all that anyway! - You can get all the previous registered keeper details by writing to the DVLA at

Fee Paying Enquiries



SA99 1AJ

You have to quote the reg number and the reason for the request and enclose a £5 fee - made payable to the DVLA

I did this once years ago and got all the address details of previous keepers - I then wrote to them and got a good response back- best enclose an SAE though.




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Didn't know dvla would disclose the details of former keepers.Ill probably do that and write to them.Thanks for the info.

The car has the standard GTE alloys and no spot lamps

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