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The 16V GTE rebuild


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Quick history of this car -

Bought it way back in november 2002, it had a valid MOT somehow which was odd considering the state of the rails. I had to weld up the rails, do bits on the sills and replace the fuel lines to get it through the next MOT.

after about 6 months the original engine was leaking oil eveywhere (all over the exhaust manifold) so was changed for one from an i200, wether it was indeed a genuine one I dont know.

Soon got bored with that and put the 16V lump in sometime in 2004.

Mid 2005 I took it off the road to get the roof and rear arches done, this never happened and it stood rotting away at home.

Well now Ive started work on it once again, got a bit more to do this time round as the pictures show.








Made up a frame to make sure I get the new rails lined up right.





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