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I remember that last one (red 1.8 coupe with elegence kit) from years ago. It once made a very nice car, just looks a bit tired now and as for the last legs gearbox comment I think that engine (I assume the extra box is a CIH one?) he's including maybe useful. I'd love to take this one on, but why are all the decent projects too bloody far away? All I get near me are complete wrecks that must be trailered and are way overpriced.

Also nice to see the seller of the black GTE coupe bothered to MOT it and looks like I wasn't the only one who thought it silly of him not to. Hopefully he'll sell it now as it's a nice looking manta that.

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Mot dosn't guarantee a mint motor but should indicate it's a reasonable motor in that price range :)

Yes, the MOT is a good sign that there's no serious structural rot, but I think it's more important to have one simply because the buyer can drive it home instead of needing a trailer, which you should only have to do if you're buying a 'project' not something advertised as a complete road going car, no MOT = not road going. You can of course book one on the day to legally drive it but that's a pain plus there's no guarentee it'll pass. The car's the same price now with MOT so anyone who bid on it before might feel a bit mugged off.

That 79 B looks like how mine does at the moment, bitten off more than I can chew to be honest :lol:..........:unsure:

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I honestly wouldn't touch a car, if i couldn't drive it home (unless it was a i200) :D

Hiring a trailer then driving hunderds of miles, for a standard GT/E/Exculsive? :huh: no thanks! I'd rather do without! wait then bid on one with a mot.

I suspect i'm not the only one! Moral of the story? MOT'ed Mantas get more bids! More bids on ebay means; 'More pennies'. :thumbup

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That seems to be working for the bloke with the exclusive hatch, that's got a years test. We've all seen mantas worse than this described as mint. Still a fair few mantas out there really :)

If i recall correctly, the A reg coupe had a reserve as well as the £2k starting bid, before it was motted so it's possible whatever he wanted before may have snuck up slightly?

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