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Guaging Interest, 1976 B Series Coupe


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Ive pretty much lost interest in this project and I yearn for something different but dont have the space or time for 4 projects.

1976 B series Coupe, non sun roof. Reg MRM 22P valued at 500pounds.

Need all the usualy welding, both chassis rail swan necks and floor area around the chassis swan necks. Both sills need replacing and various parts of the floor needs doing. Rear valence to floor needs welding. Front nose cone needs welding and the rear arches are going but not missing..... also need small bits doing around the top of the boot where the seal goes on and theres a dent in the scuttle panel on the o/s

The roof is perfect, not rotten at all.

I have a full nose cone and valence (off another 2 slot B), a brand new complete rear panel. 2 good doors, a complete brown coupe interior to go with it.

I dont have an original engine, however this was going to be my V6 project but i havent done any work on it. I have 2 engines you can choose from. A 2.9 ford V6 or a 2.1 CIH rally engine that needs a rebuild. Any more info can be obtained from me if interested.

Anyway have some picks




more pictures available. If no ones interested i might consider breaking it but i REALLY dont want to see that happen.

Havent thought of a price but i'l be taking into consideration the price of all the parts i have to go with it.

Cheers all.

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