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Exhaust Advice


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I'm after advice about fitting a rear box, that will give the car a sporter sound.

Parts wise; I've got new standard front down pipe and centre box (GM manifold fitment/standard system)

Could someone suggest a rear box?

AND this;


Any advice on where I can get the rest of this exhaust system?

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If yae want awe gid sound Ashley kin gee yae that "Loud" hiv or hid wan on i200 but feck mi wiz loud so took aff.

Whits the parts fae as Peco used tae dae awe 4 - 2 - 1 doon pipe fur thi manta probs still, whits stamped on yur bits Keith.

cheers rab

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I think there was a Ashley on mi auld blue hatch! to bloody loud! got a sare heed after half e'hoor.


by Jetex Fitment Opel Manta 1.9/2.0 B GTE Coupe


Car Back Boxes - Universal? are they any good?




[edit] ps thats mi new hen hoose ;)

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Hi Keith.

Glad tae hear yur flitted in hope awe went smoothly, "Universal" Yi pays yur money und taks yur choice Demon Twe shpould bi gid enough from there as thur no thi cheapest owe places to buy stuff fae.


Yid bi better jist gangin doon yur local motor factors or car store tae git wan.

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Thanks Rab :thumbup

Was speaking tae a guy the day, he's just got a similar style exhaust made for his jap import Nissan 'braw'.

I'm going to pop doon tae the fab guy next week aboot a price.

It's always the same :( sort two problems oot and another three pop-up :rolleyes:

It's mot'ed and taxed now :D




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