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look for main areas off rust on the chassis legs and jacking points and sills,also

the inner wings,battery tray and under the washer bottle.

if its a coupe the bootfloor and a hatch the fuel tank.

:thumbup best off luck in your search,take your time and you should find a good un

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Hi Derek

Check for high spots on that vinyl roof as they can hide a multitude of sins.

As for the rest of the Manta, a b normally has better steel, a 78 should be good.

Check a posts inside front wings, back of bottom of sills, inner and outer, grab inner and outer sills with door open and check for crumbly inner sills, hatch tank, chassis rails around cross member to chassis mount, around servo for poor filling or reservoir causing rot, under battery ( I've seen them so bad here that the battery has fallen through!) under washer reservoir, bottom of rear panel as double skinned on hatch, top of headlights, check for filler, put your hand behind front grill, it should be waxed or clean not rusty, inner wing tops and outer wings at the rust traps around the headlights, mechanicals are easy, buy the best body you can find.



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