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A-Series Seat Belts


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Another question from a Manta newbie...

I love my new A-series...apart from the fact that the seat belt position is a bit of a disaster.

Its forever coming off my right shoulder, no matter how I arrange myself in the drivers seat.

Is there anything that can be done, or am I stuck with it? The car is 1972, am I right in thinking

that later cars had a different mounting, this time on the B pillar?

Theres a pic of a car on German e-bay, where the guy seems to have used the rear seatbelt

mounts for the front belts, and has run some mega-long belt up 'through' the front headrests.

Anyone else done/seen this?

Obviously I don't want to do anything to compromise the safety of the car, but having the belt

constantly coming off my shoulder isn't great either!



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I take it you've got the original static belts? If so then you could do what I've done and use Securon 514/30 belts, which are inertia reel ones that use the same mounts as the statics, but seem to stay on the shoulder properly.

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Yes, I've got static belts. Thanks for that. Had a look at the Securon website, and they look promising.

I take it these will bolt in to the existing static belt mounting point underneath the rear window? Have

you any pics by any chance? Did you have to do any other mods, or is it a straight swap?

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They bolt straight in, no need for any other mods. If I get chance I'll try and get some photos tonight.

If you decide to go for them and struggle to find them, PMA on this forum can supply them at a good price.

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