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Early B On Ebay

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Is this not the one that was owned by the lass in Inverkeithing/North Queensferry way? whose wheel fell off.

nah the one the wheel fell off was a nice wee coupe.

Is this not the one Rab posted pics of a few months ago??

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I think this was advertised on here middle of last year by it's previous owner. If so the reg is BPC 317T, of course the car's pretty much at it's most northerly point and it's a year further into people generally not spending. Very nice car, obviously has been very well looked after.

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Hello, the car is mine and yes it is the one from Kirkwall. It really is in excellent condition, and I'm gutted to have to sell. Long story short my girlfriend of 7 years walked out a couple of months back and I need cash to buy her out of our flat or else I'll lose it!

I have a capri and cortina as well, the capri will be up for sale as soon as I get it cleaned up, the cortina I hope to be able to keep but its not looking likely at the moment.

If anyone on here is interested give me a shout. The car would happily drive to cornwall with no issues, I doubt there are many better original ones out there., and on the plus side its in Fife now which is a lot easier to get to than Kirkwall!!

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It is a crackin car, its amazing its survived in such great condition when there's been no resto done on it. It doesnt even creak or rattle inside which I thought all old cars did.

Sadly the fact it is so good is why I sold it first! The cortina needs a new exhaust and carb, so it will cost me cash to get it into saleable condition, and I needed to raise money fast, so the best car is the one that went!

Its away to Germany... unbelieveably the winning bidder is flying into edinburgh next week and driving it back, spoke to him on the phone a few times and seemingly he's tried to buy the car a few times as its exactly the spec he wants but kept missing out, so he's more than slightly chuffed.

I may well buy another when I get some spare cash :)

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