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Doune Hillclimb


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doune this weekend with same as june entry for half price[and rab ye cant get oap prices lol] show field same place , if all come that is there should be a few car clubs there , and the racing should be hot being the last hillclimb of the season,british and scottish so it should be fast action, on both days practice sat race sunday, i will be there staying all weekend in a mobile hoose, think i need a police escort to go throu doune with this caravan, hope to see you all there , hope the weather is good :thumbup:thumbup

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Hi Jock.

Wull bi over, have got Vid/CD completed for yae Bo`Ness 09. Yur sell 30sec and `A`Series runs and piccys und ither bits.Tried to place up on Photo Bucket but it seams to see it as a copyright DOW!! and disnae let mi load for ithers to see :( will gee yae CD ower weekend and if yiv got awe laptop tae gang wi yur mobile home yae kins watch in between runs ;)

If yae see some wan wi awe damaged heed,skinned beak ect wull jist bi me had awe slight accident awt work hozzy fur 4 1/2 hoors yesterday, so I jist hiv awe sare face nout wrang wi right foot fur thi i200 :D SEEZ YAE WEEKEND :thumbup

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Cheers Jock & Val anither gid day oot awt thi Hillclimb, gid tae see the Ascona turnin up and Ian`s `A` joinin thi line up, gid turn oot fae thi .ordi chaps und Shaggy`s lot.Hope yae got yon CD tae open awe righty.

cheers rab.


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