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Wanted - Indicator Stalk & Horn Contact Finger

Ari Vaterson

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Hi :thumbup

I have a MK1 Carlton and recently melted the internals of the hi/lo beam section of the flasher/indicator stalk, which meant the headlights stayed on Hi beam permanently until disconnecting the battery. :(

I am hoping this unit is the same as the Mk1 Cavalier/Manta B? I cant really see from the pics I have looked at so far. The Carlton stalk controls have the washers on the end a 2 speed wiper switch, indicators up and down and flash and hi beam back and forth.

Here is a pic from the Haynes manual, although I only need the stalk which can be slipped off when the snap ring is removed from the front of the unit.


Can someone help? I hope so :thumbup I have paypal

I also need the contact finger for the horn, does anyone know if this part is still available? Or maybe you have a secondhand one? That is presuming its the same on a Carlton as a cavalier/Manta? I will get a pic of this up tomorrow, as its a bit late for me now.

Thanks for reading, hopefully someone can help.

Cheers!!! :thumbup

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Here is a picture of the 'contact finger' which acts on the copper section on the steering column and enables the horn to work. :thumbup:D

As you can see my one has broken :(

Does it look the same as on a Cavalier or Manta? Has anyone got a spare one? Is the part still available?




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