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Has It Been Converted To Run Unleaded?


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Can anyone tell me where i can can find out if my 79 cav has been converted to run on unleaded fuel?




I would say probably not, unless at some point someone has changed the head, on the later 2.0 models, 1985 onwards came with unleaded heads as standard and were identified by a stamp on the cyl head beside plug number 2 on a flat spot, which should read (P2E) if it's unleaded spec, and if is not, it will either have no stamp or one with (XR2 or 3) which means its not suitable for unleaded, and with yours being a 79 cav i would say it will not have a stamp, one of the options is to have the head taken to an engine builder and have hardened seats put in for the valves which would be expensive, or source (P2E) head, i would have helped you out there , as i bought some P2E heads off of someone on here, but got ripped off, no heads or my money back despite asking several times, but im sure someone will be along shortly and offer you one if thats the route your going.

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