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12V 6 Pot Plumbing

Jason b

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yet another silly query, just wondering if anyone could quickly summarise all the cooling system connections for a 12v senator 2.5l engine please? (i.e. which hosetails go to what bits) As I don't have a haynes for the engine and want to be fairly sure I've got it right before firing her up for a test.

Thankyou very much in advance!!


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Can't really as only ever done a couple of 12V 3 litre. I found then so nearly the same as 4 clinder to hardley think about it barring the connections for a header tank.

This used a Sierra radiator and the bottom of the header tank went to a connection on this.


This one used a MK1 Carlton rad, can't remember where the bottom of the header tank went.


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Actually, yes but no, lol - not sure how much it went for on ebay....

It has had two owners since then! - the first got appendicitis and was off work for a long time forcing him to sell it, the second bought it to use as an engine donor for a vaux project he had.... however, he then crashed the project car and sold it to me.

I saw it advertised on the retro rides forum and bought it for a smidge under £200 with a whole load of spares. Trouble is, I am having to learn vaux stuff, as well as someone elses work simultaneously. Hence wanting to check things on here all the time! :D

Thanks for the above pics, I think I have it clear in my head now! I am in the process of silver soldering up an unequal T-piece to run the header tank lower hose into the rad lower hose. Hopefully I will soon be ready to plumb her up and see if she runs ok. I have sorted most of the electrics out as far as I can tell.

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