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Red Top Conversion - Queries


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Hi all, Just joined the forum tonight and have left a message in the 'hello' section with details of my project. Anyway, hopefully you assist with this?

I’m in the process of rebuilding a ’84 GTE Couple in White. I’m also fitting a 2.0 16v XE and have a couple of questions relating to this;

I’ve read the (excellent) conversion guide on this website as well as others, so my apologies if I’m ‘covering old ground’, but I have a couple of questions....

i) Heating Matrix : My engine is a late XE (’92 Cavalier GSi 4x4) so has a coil pack instead of a distributor. Will this fit without modifying the matrix housing? If not I’ve read articles regarding a VW Polo matrix – what year of Polo matrix is required?

ii) Bulkhead : Does the bulkhead (that the matrix sits on) need cut back. I’ve read elsewhere that this needs to be cut back by 50-75mm to facilitate the engine and it’s plumbing, but this isn’t mentioned on this website?

iii) Oil pick-up pipe : I have a big wing sump, but don’t have a oil pick-up pipe. I have various pick-up pipes off other Vauxhall/Opel models and considered adapting one to suit, however, if anyone knows where I can get one, of if anyone here is selling one I’d be very interested. (I'll also put this in the wanted section)

iv) Clutch : Again I’ve read conflicting info regarding clutches...some say 1.8 Manta, some say Carlton 2.2? I’d appreciate clarification regarding the plate, cover & release bearing.

v) Flywheel : Being a late engine I assume it will be fitted with the heavy flywheel. Does this affect the clutch choice above? Can I swap this flywheel for the earlier lighter type?

v) Prop shaft : Will my 2.0 GTE prop fit directly into the back of my 1.8 box? I’m sure it does but I read somewhere I need a 1.8 prop?

Thanks in advance for your assistance, and apologies again for covering old ground

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no mods to heater it will fit no problem


measure where the heater feed pipe comes from the xe onto the bulk head. you can cut the top edge off where brake pipes run under and weld up.


use standard xe pickup pipe i have and had no problems.


use the pot flywheel if you have it with a turbo calibra plate with turbo cover and manta clutch bearing.


dont forget a spigot bearing for crank shaft (ebay £9.00 vauxhall £3.50)

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