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2.0Xe Rebuild


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Hello all,

As you maybe aware I'm in the process of restoring a Manta........see http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/25413-my-gte-coupe-barn-find/

I'm now stripping the 20XE Red top engine and planning replacing the usual components given the engine had covered 120k, including;

tappets (took about 15min to stop ticking)

valve stem oil seals

piston rings

big end & main bearings

oil pump

water pump

timing belt & tensioners etc.

My questions are........

1. is there anything else you would replace?

2. On ebay, this retailer appears to sell piston rings, tappets & big end bearings etc at very competitive prices (see below)




has anyone any experience of these parts?


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Oh, forgot the injectors...

again, after 120k I'm guessing they will be pretty tired. Has anyone had them cleaned, can you recommend anywhere?

What does a new set cost?

try cleaning your tappets have a look at this guide


the prices seem ok on the items you have posted,going to do my spare engine when

i get some free cash

Your link doesn't appear to be working (or maybe it's just my computer?)unsure.gif

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