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Gte Coupe Resto


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spent too long reading everyones threads on they're projects so heres the beginning of mine

brought car off of here about 3 months ago

have been collecting parts over the months so now we can crack on



interior stripped out as we head off to Rusty Kampers,a VW camper resto expert,who just happens to be a very good friend & drinking mate of mine! i know its not a VW but it has german conections so manta should be made welcome!

th_004-1.jpg here we are at Rusty Kampers the dreaded buses in the background

th_019.jpg up on ramp in the workshop

th_008.jpg here is the mantas new room mate, makes my rot look like a walk in the park !!!

th_012.jpg rotten floor &shocking previous repair



th_006.jpg Matt hard at work

engine & front crossmember all to be stripped out this week ready for chassis repairs

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long over due update !!!!

like all good projects this one hit delays

i have been so busy with work & Rusty Kampers has gone from stength to stength,being mobbed by paying customers,&expanding to give a complete restoration service to its VW customers,so the manta slipped down the pecking order !!

anyway we are now back on track

earlier this year i brought a crashed manta hatch with a redtop


this gave me all the redtop goodies as well as plenty of other spares

th_0042.jpg?t=1312669931th_021.jpg once the front running gear was stripped out the full horror was uncovered

chassis was well beyound any sort of repair

th_0182.jpg so the chassis rails from the hatch doner where drilled out & unpicked


& then repaired as required on the bench

th_0072.jpg?t=1312670604th_0064.jpg?t=1312672523 & then offered up to the coupe

both sides are now in ,i just need to get photos sorted & put up

next job get the floors in & in the mean time i will get the front suspension refurbed & built up

lastly massive thanks to matt & ross rustykampers....... you love it really !

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