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1977 Manta Coupe


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just been told that the Manta i put an add on here on behalf of Len kiff is up for sale again on a site called pistonheads.


oddly the original addvert has dissappeared but i have found one of the photo's and posted it to remind everyone what a good car it is.

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Slightly off topic - Roy, have you got that light blue Manta on the road? i remember that one on the back of my Bedford....

As for spoiling it, NO! the car is still all but the same except for some sensible improvements under the skin, even if yours is now on injection it wont look out of place as in Europe injection was available on Manta B's. it's only the gearbox that is visually non-standard and you'd have to look underneath to see that!

There are a few top notch show cars 'out there' that have had thier 4 speed or auto boxes replaced by a 5 speed.

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Hi mate, its just about on the road (its a long story and a long journey!). Its ready for an MOT I just need to get round to taking it. It doesn't look exactly standard now thanks to the wheel upgrade when I had to install bigger brakes. The 2.4 I built for it is a bit of a beast so the brakes were necessary. I'll pop a couple of photos on soonbut imagecave seems to be down at the moment. I'm not in the club at the moment-family reasons , nothing to do with the club, but I look into the open forum as often as I can to see whats going on. Its good to hear from an old 'face'!

Heres the photo:


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