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Hiya Peeps


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G'day chaps, I'm not yet a manta owner but after a Manta A, I've got a Capri at the moment which ideally I'd want a p/x with a Manta, check the wanted section for details of my car. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale do let me know.

Also as a newby is there anything I should look out for in particular when buying one? Any particular model etc. which are better to go for

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Hi Toni, reported to the mods & as you see all his posts are gonners.

To anyone who is wondering what this is, we had a spammer who had posted on 5 posts a right load of old carp..

Anyhow, just goes to show that the modders are on the case, well done Mr Mod.

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Me I guess ;) You missed the spammer that left their mark all over the forum - both me and Plumster reported it and he got deleted which is why there is sort of half a conversation left - dont happen often :)

Hello by the way welcome aboard - I got into Mantas because my bro was into Capri's he's really old now and drives a bmw and i'm still messing about with the Opel

Good luck with your search :thumbup

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