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Trying To Find!

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Hi there,

Was hoping that this might be the place that can help reunite me with my teenage treasure!

A269 FYJ was/is a Silver 1984 Opel Manta GTE. Had this car when I was 19 and, now I'm twice that, I would like to know if she is still around and possibly for sale? (if not then it would be good to know she's still around!) I've managed to find out from the DVLA that she hasn't been taxed since 98, but don't know if she is now several washing machines or simply holed up in someones garage begging to be set lose again?

Can somebody help me find my "Eleanor" as Nicholas Cage would say!



Oh, forgot to say that, when I had the car it was in Sussex. Needless to say, after 19 years, it could be pretty much anywhere!

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You can check the status of wether a car is currently taxed or not at the DVLA site:


Just click on vehicle enquiry and enter the details.

Your old manta was last taxed in 1998 so its not looking good but as is the case with mantas you never know it could be stored away somewhere.

Date of Liability 01 04 1998

Date of First Registration 15 06 1984

Year of Manufacture 1984

Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1979CC

CO2 Emissions Not Available

Fuel Type Petrol

Export Marker Not Applicable

Vehicle Status Unlicensed

Vehicle Colour SILVER

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It's also what I expect, unfortunately! But there is always hope until we find the man that scrapped it! That's why I've joined the forum! If anyone knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody (I think you get the point!) then it's likely to be here!

If not, I guess I'll have to find another one!

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