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Manta Decal Positions On Car?


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Need some assistance, I have just purchased some new GT/J decals.

The question is.

On the side's does the MANTA GT/J decal go between the rubber bump strip and the swage line or just above the swage line and the top of the door/wing.

Also on the rear boot do they just have MANTA 1.8S

I have seen an original A3 poster (new car advertisment) of our car and it shows the decal's above the swage line as in the later mantas they have a side repeater in it's place?

Would like to replace as original design factoary fit!!

Many Thanks


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I've had a look at my brochure and photo collection and can give a bit of advice on how the decals were fitted originally:

Side of car - The Manta GT/J decal should be 3.5cm above the swage line.

On the off side, the Manta decal sits on the door and the GT/J on the wing (opposite for N/S).

On the rear boot lid, there is no GT/J decal. It should have Manta 1.8S on the left hand side of the boot.

I have some scanned images from the October 1982 GM Range brochure, which may help....(check out the 80's bubble perm and the hotpants):lol:



Hope this helps out.

There is lots more help like this available in the members section - have you thought about joining up?



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Thanks Paul, not sure what to look at, hotpants or Manta:D think ill go for manta:thumbup

Hi Rick, I purchased a set off Flea bay (£:o) but were GTE set so asked a local chap to make a replica set of GT/J bits they also did a BLITZ badge which looks really good:thumbup

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This swedish site has the most decals that you would need. But they dont have the site in english. Dekaltrim.nu

In the left menu klick "Bil" scroll down to Opel and click, then click "logotyper".

You will find alot of different Manta logotypes there.

They have a very good quality on their decals. Orderd from them in the past.

If you need translation just e-mail me and I will help you.

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