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Couple Of Questions


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hi guys just started stripping down the manta gte hatch and i have a couple of questions when i took out the back seats there was only 1 seatbelt on the right should there be 2 ?or 3? or none is it a 4 or five seater?

the manta is black and i was wandering what the name of this black?


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i have just realised that my voltage guage takes quite a long while to move up is this the norm or do i need to replace something?

Up to '81 '82 the volt gauge was a moving field coil type, same as the oil gauge and responded instantly. After that you get a cheap thermal gauge there the needle is moved by heating a bi-metal strip with a crude heating wire wrapped around it and these take a while, especially in colder weather.

An '84 would be lucky to have any safety belts.

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