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Mk1 Cavalier Xe Project


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Just a few quick photos of my Mk1 Cavalier, which I'll soon begin an XE transplant on once I've acquired all the bits. It had one owner from new until 2005, has a mountain of service history and hand-written notes of everything it's ever had done to it. Madness! Thoroughly original, now lowered 40mm, but I'll be keeping the original feel, interior, chrome etc... just with a 2-litre XE on 45s under the bonnet, brake upgrades etc. Should be a tidy little sleeper.

Anyways, I love it!





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You'll upset the originallity police! especially as its a GLS of which not many have survived, and in one of the rarer colours, Copper.

That said your not doing any drastic body mods so its only spanner work which in the future could be reversed if it was deemed absolutely necessary and for whatever strange reason Cavalier MK 1's dont have much value, perhaps because they are not the most exciting cars so spicing up the performance of one makes sense.

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Having driven an xe'd GLS (I think it was a GLS) I have to say, get it done.

Much better engine.

If you need a manifold and the webers (think they 40's)... let me know, as I have both going spare. (£300 or offers if your interested)

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Yes, bought it off eBay. One of those happy times when the thing you buy actually turns out to be much nicer than you expected. It doesn't happen often, so I'm very grateful!

haha, I'm always happy to annoy the purists, but anything I do to the car could be easily undone and returned to standard (why?!). :thumbup It's going to make a great sleeper with all the chrome, minty bodywork and velour inside - can't wait to see the looks on the faces of drivers of modern 'fast' cars when they hear the bark of 45s on a twin cam, and some big old power slides!

Devil Fish, thanks for the heads up regards the carbs and manifold, but I think I'm all sorted. :thumbup

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