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Help Pics Wanted

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:thumbup how do

im a old member from along time ago use to meet up @ the cornmill in brighouse

graham and sue were area reps .the they went on to do the ralling part of the club witch i was a marshall for a few rallys .them were the days :P

looking for pics or might be on a billing dvd my old exclusive white gte coupe (E504 gjm) was 1 of the first to have a 16v motor in done by dprs .

been in revs

been in omoc mag

was @ billing a few times

was @ santapod

so i hope someone might have a pic or two for me to share with my kids .

mark bentley

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Hi Mark,

Piccy @ santa pod 96,will hiv a looksi as have pics also will need to delve back awe few year,video from Billing what year were you in?

Right foond twa pics owe yur Manta cut oot front slotter wi opel badge centre,rear fool skirt,light infill panel, chrome badge opel n/s blitz o/s if wanted can post doon to you,if yup send mi address to post to at robert.crow@virgin.net

Aye that wiz a good meet with some fine Mantas on show, i200s,B Series, and `A`s

cheers rab.

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hi dave,

hope you are still tinkering with cars and buses.thanks for the link.

not a chef any more gave that up 4 years ago had a few pubs in oxfordshire and devon .still have a pub in oxfordshire but have someone to run it for me .im a quarry manager now.

did do a search with DPRS to see if you were still doing cars up .but found nothing

if you get any more pics give me a email markbentley05@googlemail.com

cheers mate all the best

mark .

Hi Mark,

Hope you are well.

Still Cheffing ?

Here is a link to some pictures

you will find one of your old car and mine together.

Il be posting some more up as I have loads.

All the best

Dave (dprs)


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when i go in the roof to put the xmas tree away ill have a look through my magazines to see if ive still got the revs issue it was in. i remember having it so i could well still have. think it had a mk1 golf on the cover ploughing tarmac iirc. awesome looking car too matey

*EDIT* i also just came across this on here...http://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/27216-new-pic-found/

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