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Manta B 19S Auto


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I have a 1977 manta 1.9s auto and there is a small oil leak from the gearbox, are there any usual spots or problem areas to look for, it seems to be oily around the speedo cable. Also what would be the best automatic gearbox oil to use to top up.

Thanks again to those who responded to my last query.

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one of the main areas on these gearboxes to leak is the kickdown cable. it comes out of the side casing & up near the exhaust causing the outer sheath to crack & this lets a constant `ooze` of oil out. they are very hard to get thou. not available new anymore but pop up on ebay occasionally.

oil wise use a standard dexron 11 type fluid. replace immediately if its not red anymore or smells burnt. or just replace it anyway to be sure.

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