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Windscreen Removal


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want to remove f+r windscreens,without breaking them preferably,did it many yrs ago,[at least 20],

totally forgot how to do it,

cheers colin

Colin. there isn't a list of ways to do this, in fact I can only think of two ways, other than kicking them out :lol: Myself I always take the glass out with the sealing rubber, I find that way there is less chance of chipping the edge of the glass with any tool such as a screwdriver that you may be temted to use. I loosen the rubber lip af the sealing rubber, all the way round inside the car, then put gentle pressure on the top corner, and prise the rubber outwards, the whole pane won't fall out! then go to the outside and slide, ( I have a bone spattula for this job ) a similar tool from the top, over the rubber seal, prise that corner out, and carry on along the top, you will then find, as you probably know, you can then pull the screen out, complete with the rubber seal, I expect you have done it by now anyway! never mind I had nothing else to do :lol: Note.I'm not saying this is THE way to do it. This is the way that I have done it for over forty years :thumbup

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