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Extreme Bling


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Got these for sale, I've been hanging on to these as I had been unsure of my project direction,but these are not for me.

These basically cover the inner wing chassis rail tops, I've only ever made 2 sets of these in the past, one customer im particular stated that they did not fit his car, yet I had these trial fitted on 2 of the manta's I was in posession of at the time, one of which had the best straightest chassis you could ever wish for, and they were an absolute spot on fit on both of my Manta's.

Fitting/mounting is left to the customer as they will decide where/how they want to drill/bond these into place.

The drivers side is left shorter so that the brake servo will not need removal to mount the drivers side item.

Price of £45.00 + £7.00 P+P for these


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I'll have these off you. I've had the same problem as "rayman" , a delayed paint reaction, and these will be a god-send As you know my engine is still out until my servo plate arrives. Let me know about the cam covers and I'll send monies in total.


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