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Coupe Headlining


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Take out all the windows and sunroof and carefully pick the lining off the lips/edges. It is really easy to tear as I found out :angry: then once you've gotten it down at the sides and front there are metal rods running the width of the roof holding it up in the middle. Just push the bars over to one side, bend them down in the middle and the other side will slip out. It's a lot harder to remove than refit.

If you do have some bad luck and tear it dr manta in Germany supply new black or grey ones but they are a real fiddle to fit because they are cut bigger than they need to be so need to be stretched and cut to suit. Not my cup of tea... good luck.

Cheers, Peter.

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Oh man those things are a pain in the blachlava to remove without breaking. Best thing to do i think is to take it VERY nice and easy, listen to some classical music while removing :) Use a very wide screwdriver to help, but watch out as they dent for nothing...!

I got so frustrated with mine that i never mounted them again. Looked fine, you didn´t even notice it. Only place where it looks bad is at the bottom of the rear side window, but this place can get some bondo before painting, so it will look nice and smooth :)

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